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Insulated Catering Bag
    Insulated Catering Bag
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    • Insulated Catering Bag
      SKU: 35BSM-7223

      This reusable insulated food delivery bag is the ultimate companion for caterers and other food delivery businesses alike. It's light-weight, collapisble, and easy to carry transporting food is a breeze! It's built with extra strength construction to keep items safe, secure and well-insulated while shopping or transporting food. Plus it has an extra pocket that's perfect for receipts and invoices! Add your logo or design to create a practical item for your business!

      Pricing  (request a quote for larger quantities)
      60–224 225–399 400–599 600+
      $10.20 $9.27 $8.50 $7.97

    Minimum Order Qty: 60
    Product Colors: Black
    Product Dimensions: 10.00" D x 22.00" W x 10.00" H
    Imprint Area: 5" L x 2.5" H on front
    Imprint Colors: PMS color matching available at no charge.
    Additional Print Color Run Charge: $0/piece
    Setup Charge: $55


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